Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you're a physician, you've spent many years training to achieve your career goals. You have gone to undergraduate school, and you have gone to medical school. You have done an internship, a residency, maybe a fellowship and you have reached a good point in your career.

Why risk all that education and knowledge and the livelihood that you have created when you can call on someone who has that kind of experience that you need?

I can go on WebMD and look up how to address a medical issue, but is that going to give me the knowledge I need to address the problem? Similarly, if you have a legal issue you should call in a specialized legal expert.

There are nuances to a medical board investigation that you may not be aware of. There are ways to deal with a board investigator. There is a way to deal with a board investigation. There really needs to be control of the information that's provided from the board on your behalf. Physicians think, I'm smart enough, I can figure this out, and I can tell them my story. That is often not a good approach because physicians are geared in a different way and it may be that there are legal nuances that you are not familiar with. Nuances that you will not find in a web posting or looking up how to deal with the licensing board. You need an experienced legal counsel who knows how to handle these cases and will provide you with best advise possible. Why risk all those years of education and the livelihood that you have created for yourself. You need to call somebody with experience. At Levy Pruett Cullen, we have 25 years of experience in representing both the prosecution on the prosecution end and defending doctors with regard to their medical licenses - in criminal actions, in civil cases and before professional organizations as well as credentials hearings. You need an experienced legal counsel who will make sure to protect your license and your livelihood.

I'm Fran Cullen at Levy Pruett Cullen. I can work to protect your license and your livelihood and protect all those years that you've put into to your career.