How Can Chiropractors Defend Their License?

As a licensed professional your license is very important to your livelihood and you must protect it. You may be faced with a complaint or you may have a criminal action that you need to report to a licensing board that could result in potential disciplinary action. This can affect your license and thereby your livelihood. Often chiropractic services are reimbursed by insurance companies and a licensed action will affect that reimbursement. We want to protect your license and your livelihood. We represent numerous chiropractors before the board in Georgia. we have represented chiropractors who've been accused or have been convicted of various crimes and must report that to the Georgia Board.

In one case we were representing a chiropractor who was subject of a felony crime and imprisonment and we managed to get him suspension, followed by a probationary sentence so that he could return to his practice of chiropractic services even while under a criminal probation. We have also worked with chiropractors who have lost their license due to a criminal past and/or criminal convictions that have tried to regain it after a period of absence from practice.

There have also been cases where we have represented chiropractors with cases of boundary violations and in cases involving improper treatment of patients. These are the kinds of issues where you need guidance to get you through the process and make sure that your presentation before the Georgia Board is going to be smooth and effective. Your first impression is your best impression, and what you want to do if you were contacted by a board investigator. Do not speak with the board investigator - it is best to contact local council and get help immediately. At Levy Pruett Cullen we can assist you with this process. we have the experience and the knowledge to do it right. Give us a call!