How Can Physicians Defend Themselves Against Peer Review Actions?

A peer review action can affect the rest of your life as a physician. This is something to take seriously. You also need to seriously consider complaints filed by other employees that may affect you because those are the kinds of things that can create a track record for you, and can result later in a peer review hearing.

It will be much harder if you have to defend against several issues rather than one issue. If you become aware that you're the subject of any kind of review action or that you have been asked to come to some kind of medical executive committee meeting, you need to call us right away.

You will need good sound advice on how to deal with these issues and how best to defend yourself. Often physicians think they're so smart that they can defend against these actions themselves and that they can explain away what occurred. It's often not that simple and it's often that there are other people who have gathered information that you may not be aware of. Legal intervention is the best way to address everything out there and define what it is that is really an issue in your case.

At Frances Cullen P.C., we work with numerous physicians to assist them in becoming credentialed at the facility of their choice and working through potential credentialing issues. In one case we worked with a physician where he had been suspended from his medical staff and that it had been reported to the national practitioner database. We were able to resolve that issue and to prove that the issue did not fit and shouldn't rise to the level of suspension and that the suspension was not warranted. We managed to make sure that the physician was placed back on medical staff and that the national practitioner database report was voided.

This is the kind of legal intervention that you need and you need it early on. Instead of waiting until something becomes a serious action that can affect you for the rest of your professional career, you need to reach out quickly and make sure that you address any potential issues. At Frances Cullen P.C. we can help defend against these potential actions. Contact us today.