How To Get a Dental License in Georgia

At Levy Pruett Cullen, we have represented many dentists in cases before the licensing board and applicants seeking to become licensed in the state of Georgia. Dentists can be the subject of many types of complaints - often filed by a patient, a patient's family, a former employer or an employee. These kinds of complaints are serious. The Georgia Board of Dentistry looks at every complaint filed.

There is a standard process that you will go through; The process includes the complaint phase, investigation phase and often investigatory interview. We urge you not to go meet with an investigator or go to an investigative interview without legal counsel. You will need help in guiding you through the process. These kinds of cases are cases of first impression. When you provide records, you need to make the best possible impact and provide your dental records in response to a board request. You need to make sure you put your best foot forward when you go to your interview, and you need to be properly preparation. You may think that all your years of training and education put you in a place to do this by yourself; but as you have invested in your career, we have invested in ours. We know how to guide you through the process better than you will be able to find from doing your own research and trying to handle it yourself.

We also assist in a lot of applicants seeking licensure in the state of Georgia. There are laws and rules that you must meet to become licensed in the state of Georgia. Often, applicants from other states may have been educated some years past and not meet the current requirements; Or they do not meet the current requirements because of how they handled their examinations or dental examination. We have worked with numerous dentists to obtain licensure in the state of Georgia by seeking a rule variance or waiver. We're looking to see if the board has issued an initial decline of licensure and whether there's a means to appeal that denial that has been successful in our other attempts to assist dentists trying to get licensed in the state of Georgia. If you are a dentist facing a potential licensing action or criminal action, or seeking licensure here in the state of Georgia, we can assist you. We are have years of experience in how to guide you through the process and get you the best possible result.