How to Report a Board Action to Another State?

As a professional licensing attorney I am often asked what to do about reporting a board action to another state or if you fail to report an action to another state. Each case is individual in making a decision as to how to proceed - on these kinds of issues it's very important to take the right steps if you have an action pending in a state that may have to be reported to other states or if you need to remedy the reporting of a past action that was not reported to another state.

Most states have laws or rules that require reporting of an action on one state to another state within 30 days. But these regulations vary, and have to be looked at individually. Moreover there could be penalties and severe consequences if you fail to report and then try to catch up. It is really best to have an attorney, who is familiar with these issues, look at this for you and do an assessment of what your case is; what needs to be reported; and how and when it should be reported.

You should also be aware that if you have multiple licenses and you have a case pending against you that there will be consequences in the other states that could result in what's called the reciprocal allocation or mirroring of the action that happened in the state where the issue is proceeding.

At our firm we are familiar with these kinds of actions. We have worked with numerous professionals to report actions that are imposed by a state licensing board to other states and to remedy the failure to report in other states. We are familiar with most of the other state laws, rules, and have worked to remedy those kinds of issues. If you need professional advice on this type of reporting, call an Atlanta healthcare attorney at Frances Cullen P.C. and seek legal advice if this is an issue that you're facing.