Pharmacy Law Explained

Levy Pruett Cullen represents pharmacists, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies seeking to become licensed in the state of Georgia. We have represented numerous pharmacists and pharmacies regarding misfilled prescriptions, compounding errors, failing reports on pharmacy audits, licensure issues of varying degrees as well as several out of state pharmacy seeking to become licensed in the state of Georgia.

Pharmacy law is extremely complicated. It involves state and federal laws those rules including rules governed by the federal agencies and state agencies. It also involves work with the Georgia Board of Pharmacy, the Drug Enforcement Agency and Georgia Drugs and Narcotics. We have worked with all of these agencies and have contacts with all these resources to help resolve these kinds of issues. We've worked closely with pharmacists and pharmacies here in the state of Georgia but have also worked extensively with out-of-state companies seeking to become licensed as a wholesaler or distributor here in Georgia. Because the laws and rules are complicated for seeking licensure it requires legal assistance. We can help pharmacists, pharmacies and out of state companies seeking to become licensed here with a host of issues.

We've also worked extensively with those who have failed to become licensed and become cognizant of that and are seeking to resolve that issue with the state of Georgia.

At Levy Pruett Cullen., we try to resolve those issues as quickly and as expeditiously as possible. Call us today!