Requirements for Professional Licensing or Renewal in Georgia

Many applicants for a license, and many licensees who have to meet certain requirements in the state of Georgia to maintain their license, do not meet all requirements. This may be because of past education that doesn't meet current requirements, or current issues that make it impossible to meet the educational requirement of maintaining a license or some other similar related issue.

At Levy Pruett Cullen, we've assisted numerous applicants in obtaining what's called a rule waiver or a variance so that they could become licensed in the state of Georgia. By doing this we use our expertise to demonstrate to the board that you are qualified to meet licensee's requirements even though you may technically fall short of a board rule requirement that would otherwise make you ineligible. We have done many of these board waivers and the variances to assist people to become licensed have been very successful with many of the people we've worked with. It may be the case that you cannot meet a current requirement to renew your license due to a medical issue or other issue wherein you can't meet an educational requirement for example we have worked with individuals and professionals where that's been the circumstance, and we have been successful in having them maintain their license with a rule waiver variance.

At Levy Pruett Cullen, we have the experience, we know how to address these issues. The above is the kind of legal issue that requires a legal professional. Don't take it lightly if you want to maintain your license and your livelihood. At Levy Pruett Cullen we can assist you with this. Call us today!