What Are The Two Types of Medicaid Fraud?

There are two types of medicare fraud cases. There are cases by service providers and those by medicare recipients. At Frances Cullen P.C. we represent healthcare providers and service providers of medicare services in seeking to defend them against potential investigations and actions brought by the state fraud medicaid control unit - also known as MFCU.

We have represented physiciansdentistpharmacists, pharmacies, psychologists, speech pathologists, dentists and other healthcare providers with these kinds of claims and reached many good conclusions for our clients. Fraud is a crime and could potentially result in a criminal action, a criminal conviction and possible imprisonment. You need to take any potential investigation seriously and act quickly.

At Frances Cullen P.C. we have 25 years of legal experience in representing healthcare professionals and we can help to defend those kinds of actions. Our wide experience in both criminal cases and in medical review cases gives us a very strong background to defend these types of cases better than those who are dedicated to criminal defense only. We bring our medical background to your case as well as a criminal background and we will defend you honestly and efficiently. Give us a call today!