Georgia Pharmacy Law

Levy Pruett Cullen represents Georgia pharmacists, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies with regulatory and licensing issues in the State of Georgia. We also represent those seeking licensure in the State of Georgia.

Pharmacy law is very complicated because the laws and rules regulating pharmacy practice are set forth in federal and state laws and regulations. These laws and rules are spread through several code sections, and several agencies are involved in the regulation of pharmacy practices. Levy Pruett Cullen has worked extensively with the Georgia Board of Pharmacy, with Georgia Drugs and Narcotics, and with the Drug Enforcement Agency to resolve numerous cases involving pharmacists and pharmacies as well as pharmaceutical companies. These cases have been involved with misfiled prescriptions, compounding errors, pharmacies failing investigative audits, and we have also worked with license application issues, as well as other pharmacy violations. We have worked closely with these agencies over the course of many years and are well aware how best to defend and resolve your issues.

We can defend your pharmacy practice or assist you in applying for licensure here in the State of Georgia and we work for the best effective way possible to represent you.