Licensed Professional Client Gets Advice

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When we get a call from an individual or small business regarding a potential issue - we tell them first - to calm down, not panic and wait to get legal advice. It is a mistake to move ahead and meet with the board investigator or a criminal detective without legal counsel.

Criminal investigators and board investigators are forensically trained to prosecute your case. They are trained to find errors in what you have done and they have gotten a first impression from whoever filed the complaint or whoever brought a matter to their attention. They are geared toward that negative inference.

What we want to do is take control of that and to guide you through that process. You should never speak to a board investigator or an investigative interviewer without legal counsel. Anything you say can and will be used against you. There are different rules that apply to licensing board actions and licensing board actions are not criminal cases. You are not given the warnings that you would be given in a criminal case and you think you can speak freely, but all that information will be used against you. Criminal detectives will often say that it's in your best interest to speak to them but they are geared towards your prosecution. They are not your friends. So my best advice is to slow down, don't panic, obtain legal advice and let our lawyers work to intercede in that process and slow it down.

There's a mistaken impression that if I get a lawyer, I'll look guilty; however, all of the people you're dealing with, would hire a lawyer in a heartbeat. What you need to realize is that a lawyer is here for your best defense. When I need banking advice, I call a banker. If I need financial advice, I call a financial planner. And if you need legal advice, you should call a lawyer.