Reporting Licensing Board Action One State to Another State

Atlanta Healthcare Law Attorney

I'm Frances Cullen. As a professional licensing attorney, we've received substantial number of inquiries as to whether an individual must report a licensing board action in one state to another state and whether out of state licensing actions may affect one's license in the State of Georgia. We've also respond to a substantial number of questions from licensees who were sanctioned in another state but who have failed to report that sanction to other licensing boards, and are faced with potential repercussions.

Answer to these questions are individualized to each licensees' facts and to the states involved, and the consequences to one's license in the state of Georgia or to other states can be severe. Board actions in other states often prompt what we call "reciprocal action" in other states and a failure to report a board action in one state to another can be another disciplinary action and result in additional charges that may be even more severe than the underlying issue. These are serious issues that could ultimately affect your license and your ability to practice your profession.

I therefore urge you to seek legal counsel familiar with these issues to provide you with solid advice that how and when and what potential defenses you might have in reporting these types and in dealing with these types of legal actions.

At Levy Pruett Cullen, we have years of experience in addressing these issues. In over 25 years of practice and 20 years in defense practice, we have significant experience with licensees who have faced licensing actions in other states, have reported or have reciprocal action pending and we can guide you through this process to best resolve these issues.