Property Owner Not at Fault in Auto Accident

Howard v. Gourmet Concepts International, Inc.
242 Ga. App. 521, 529 S.E.2d 406

The Plaintiff alleged she was severely injured when she turned left from a stop sign on a side street and was struck by another vehicle on the main road. The Plaintiff sued the driver of the other vehicle, his employer, the county, and Gourmet Concepts, owner of the property adjacent to the intersection. Plaintiff alleged Gourmet Concepts negligently maintained trees and shrubs on the property, causing a hazardous condition that obstructed her view of the oncoming traffic. Defendant Gourmet Concepts, represented by Lee Pruett, argued Plaintiff failed to prove that Gourmet Concepts had knowledge of prior accidents, and that the trees and shrubs were not the proximate cause of the accident. The State Court of Dekalb County granted Gourmet Concepts' Motion for Summary Judgment. The Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed.