Jury Agrees: Driver Negligence

Reeves v. DOT, Superior Court of Barrow County
Civil Action File No. 03-CV-925
Defense Verdict: September, 2005.

The Plaintiff’s son, sixteen-year-old Christopher Reeves, was a front seat passenger in a Chrysler Cirrus driven by his girlfriend, sixteen-year-old Codi Agerton. The two teenagers were driving east on SR 316 and intended to turn left on SR 81 on their way to Ms. Agerton’s home. As they attempted to turn left, they were struck broadside by an R.V. carrying the Clemson Women’s Tennis team, which was heading west on SR 316. Plaintiff alleged that the traffic signal at the intersection should have provided for a protected-only left turn phase. We argued that the traffic signal was designed properly with a protected permissive green arrow and that the accident was caused by the negligence of the teenage driver who pulled directly into the path of the oncoming R.V. The jury agreed.

Olivia Lopez