Applying for and Reinstating Professional Licenses in Georgia

Applicants for Licensure

Applicants seeking to become licensed in the State of Georgia may face a difficult challenge, especially if they completed their education and obtained their credentials many years ago. This is especially true for license applicants who were educated in foreign countries.

Frances Cullen of Levy Pruett Cullen has represented numerous physicians and other healthcare professionals in obtaining a rule waiver or variance to enable them to become licensed by proving to the professional’s state licensing board that their prior education and experience demonstrates their competence to practice their profession.

Failure to Renew a License, Lapse of a License, and Reinstatement of a License

Each year, a significant number of Licensees fail to timely renew their license to practice, thereby permitting their license to lapse. Depending on the length of time that has transpired between the failure to renew your license or the lapse, you may have difficulty obtaining reinstatement of your license. Levy Pruett Cullen has assisted numerous professionals to address this issue